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What is Bithumb Pro?

최고의 증권전문가들이 만든 암호화폐 거래시스템. 빗썸PRO는 글로벌 선진 암호화폐 거래소 빗썸과 13년 업력의 증권전문 솔루션 개발사 한국금융IT가 만나 개발한 암호화폐 최적화 거래시스템입니다.

Anyone who is Bithumb Member

can Simply Use BithumbPRO

If already a Bithumb Member,
following Self Identification and Simple Agreement Procedure,
you can use BithumbPRO after just Setting up the Password.

(Self Identification, Email Verification is Required)

Agree With BithumbPRO Usage Term

Set up Password for BithumbPRO

NO Complicated Procedure,

Transfer My Asset As It Is from
Bithumb and Trade Right Away

With Just Few Click, Can Transfer Asset
between Bithumb and BithumbPRO.

Transfer Preferred Cyptocurrency and
Quantity and Start Trading Right Away.

Transfer Asset

From Now on, you can use
MTS, HTS, PCweb Whenever,

Anywhere without Waiting

With Speed and Function Better than that of Stock Firms,
BithumbPRO provides the Best Trading Environment
that Member can not Experience at Nowhere.

  • Added Various Chart System such as RSI, Ballinger Band
  • Setting Up Buying/Selling Point Possible Through
    Artificial Intelligence Trade
  • Auto-Trading System Where Stock Firm's Abroad Future Option is Applied
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빗썸PRO 자산이동

ㆍ빗썸PRO 이용을 위해 꼭 자산이동을 해 주세요

빗썸 출금가능한 자산 중 원하는 암호화폐와 수량을 설정하여 실시간 이동이 가능합니다.

거래 중 출금(내외부 지갑이동, 계좌출금 등)을 원하실 때는 빗썸PRO 자산이동을 이용하세요.

*입출금 서비스는 향후 오픈 예정입니다.

구분 빗썸 빗썸PRO
암호화폐 거래 O O
자산이동 서비스 O O
입금(전자지갑, 계좌 등... 각종 입금 서비스) O X
입금(전자지갑, 계좌, SMS 등... 각종 출금 서비스) O X
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