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Qtum Deposit

  • 아래 주소로 Qtum을(를) 입금 해주세요.
  • Newly subscribed members need to click on the button for creating address to issue unique Qtum
Create Qtum depositing address
  • 회원님께 할당된 위 Qtum 주소로 Qtum을(를) 전송하시면 회원님의 전자지갑에 반영됩니다.
  • Reflecting period: After the depositing, it is automatically reflected after 10 to 30 minutes.
퀀텀(QTUM) 입금시 주의사항
퀀텀(QTUM) 지갑주소를 반드시 확인하고 전달해 주세요.
메인넷 전환이 완료된 퀀텀만 입금 가능하며, ERC20기반의 구버전 토큰은 입금처리 되지 않습니다.

※ your past transaction records are available in the transaction history

Qtum Important Notes on Deposit Wallet

Bitcoin cash deposit/withdrawal services at some exchanges are currently unstable.
Please check the different deposit/withdrawal policies of the exchange.

Important Notes on Deposit
Before using the service, please make sure that you're not sending BTC into BCH wallet.

Bithumb is not responsible for issues from aforementioned matters or negligence of customers

About the criteria for determining small deposits
  • * Criteria for determining small deposits: we are seeing a steady increase in cases of unconfirmed transactions and overloaded wallets, which we find are mainly caused by making small deposits. Fees will be charged for deposits smaller than the criteria in order to enhance transaction speed, security and mobility for our clients. Please avoid making small deposits if possible and leave the total amount to reach a certain level before making deposits to avoid any inconvenience.
About the criteria for determining small deposits
Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Litecoin Ethereum Classic Ripple Bitcoin Cash Monero Zcash Qtum Bitcoin Gold EOS
  • * You can make small deposits internally free of charge.
  • * The criteria could change depending on the price fluctuations and the stability of wallets. Please make sure to check the criteria before making deposits.
Fees for making small deposits
Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Litecoin Ethereum Classic Ripple Bitcoin Cash Monero Zcash Qtum Bitcoin Gold EOS
Register security password
Register a security password to prevent hacking incidents and enhance

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Change security password
Change your security password regularly to prevent hacking incidents.
  • Easily predictable patterns, such as a combination of four consecutive or repeating numbers, the numbers included in your password and your email address and the last four digits of your mobile number are not allowed.
Mobile phone verification Request
Reset security password
Temporary security password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Mobile phone verification Request
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Resetting your security password will be available on registering your
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