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Bitcoin Gold withdrawal

  • send to the address
  • Withdraw Bitcoin Gold from bithumb electronic wallet to external electronic wallet of yours
  • All withdrawal would be done after the administrator check the request detail
available withdrawal 0 BTG
limit for each withdrawal 0.00000000 BTG (No limitation of numbers)
daily balance limit 0.00000000 BTG Your are currently at authentication level 1 receive additional verification
Bitcoin Gold withdrawal address check on the withdrawal address BTG address book
request to withdrawals price maximum
Bitcoin Gold Withdrawal fee

0.001 BTG

Real withdrawal sum 0 BTG
SMS verification number
Please insert your verification code from the SMS sent to your registered mobile phone
Security password

Bitcoin Gold withdrawal request

Withdrawal fee: 0.001 BTG
minimum amount of withdrawal: 0.002 BTG
Service available 24/365
Bitcoin Gold withdrawal for the product purchase must use a personal electronic wallet
Delay for withdawing Bitcoin Gold to prevent financial accidents < short-cut to anouncement >
(The first withdrawal request may be delayed when the requested volume is over the standard)
Withdrawal would be available when SMS(OTP) authentication is complete (Please contact 1661-5566, Bithumb customer service center, if you have any question on SMS/OTP authentication)
if the withdrawal is limited by the withdrawal policy of our company, BTG withdrawal is automatically cancelled if the authentication data is not submitted for 7 days
BTG total amount that is actually sent is the amount added with 0.001 BTG of transfer commission on the BTG amount that is requested for withdrawal
Ex) when applying 10 BTG, total 10.001 BTG is deducted, and total 10 BTG is sent to the receiver

your past transaction records are available in the transaction history

My BTG address book (favorite)
BTG address book registration
Name BTG Address recent used date and time Remittance modify /Cancel
BTG address book registration
BTG Address
The crypto wallet has been checked validation automatically
Payment ID
- Payment ID란 모네로 입금 처리시 필요한 선택적 정보입니다.

- 빗썸의 입금주소는 주소안에 지불 ID가 포함된 형태이나
    타 거래소는 입금 주소와 Payment ID가 따로 있을 수 있습니다.

- Payment ID가 따로 생성되는 거래소로 모네로를 보내실 경우,
    반드시 Payment ID를 입력 하셔야 합니다.
Register security password
Register a security password to prevent hacking incidents and enhance

Mobile phone verification Request
Change security password
Change your security password regularly to prevent hacking incidents.
  • Easily predictable patterns, such as a combination of four consecutive or repeating numbers, the numbers included in your password and your email address and the last four digits of your mobile number are not allowed.
Mobile phone verification Request
Reset security password
Temporary security password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Mobile phone verification Request
Send e-mail
Register e-mail
Resetting your security password will be available on registering your
e-mail address.

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