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Sign-up or withdrawal
charge and refund of KRW
실명확인 입출금 서비스
charge voucher
charge giftycon
KRW Refund
Deposit and withdrawal of BTC
BTC Deposit
BTC Withdrawal
빗썸PRO 자산이동
Verification center
Verification center
Additional Service
OTP authentication
fixed amount coupon
Call International
Customer Support
Call International
Customer Support
Additional Service
OPT authentication
  • OPT authentication
what is OTP authentication? As an application for smart phone for authentication, you can download from Google Play Store
how to authenticate with OTP
1. OTP authentication is only available with one cell phone
2. as for the request for cancellation, please call to representative number of our company
3 renew the QR code screen and re-authenticate if failing on the authentication
Register security password
Register a security password to prevent hacking incidents and enhance

Mobile phone verification Request
Change security password
Change your security password regularly to prevent hacking incidents.
  • Easily predictable patterns, such as a combination of four consecutive or repeating numbers, the numbers included in your password and your email address and the last four digits of your mobile number are not allowed.
Mobile phone verification Request
Reset security password
Temporary security password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Mobile phone verification Request
Send e-mail
Register e-mail
Resetting your security password will be available on registering your
e-mail address.

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